Join the ABC Maine Young Professionals Program

By now, you’ve probably heard an anecdote about construction delays or how the construction industry, like so many others, is having a difficult time bringing young people into the workforce.

ABC Maine can help recruit and retain the skilled workers we need to meet the challenges our member companies face every day.

The ABC Maine Young Professionals program is designed to support the growth of young professionals employed by ABC member companies. Our program creates opportunities including networking and volunteer events, educational workshops for young leaders, and other events allowing young workers to advance their careers while continuing to promote open competition and the merit shop philosophy.

“This program provides the support and steppingstones for our industry’s future leaders, and we’re excited to welcome a new group this fall,” says Hope Pollard, ABC Maine’s CEO.

The deadline to apply for the 2021-2022 Young Professionals Program is November 19. More information and the program application can be found here.

Why Join?

If you’re a young professional and an emerging leader looking to expand your impact at your company, this program can give you additional tools.

Our program is designed to help participants cultivate unique leadership styles. The program’s curriculum includes reading assignments, a personality assessment with a professionally facilitated workshop, a Maine State House tour and a return-on-investment project.

“As our industry continues to change with the times, the importance of this program also grows, and being able to support young leaders as their careers take off is something we’re proud of,” says Membership Director Tami Staples.

To apply, you must be employed by a member company in good standing, must be able to obtain your employer’s support and commitment, and must have at least two years in the construction industry.

Classes will be held from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. in person or via Zoom at the instructor’s discretion and in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. The kick-off class is scheduled for Dec. 1 and classes will be held twice a month until graduation on April 13. Class topics include mastering communication and conflict management, introduction to financial statements and politics and legislation in your business. They also include industry leadership mentoring, career development and advocating for yourself and your team.

“I look forward to working with Maine’s future leaders while they develop the crucial skills this program offers,” says Workforce Development Coordinator Shari Johnston. “The ABC Young Professionals will be the voice needed to build awareness to the construction careers available in Maine.”

Participants are expected to read all materials and complete assignments by their due dates. They’re also expected to participate in class and develop and work on an approved return-on-investment project that leverages the concepts and skills covered in class.

“This program had a positive influence on all aspects of my life, not just with my work,” says Stephanie Vannah, an assistant estimator for R.J. Grondin & Sons. “My communication and relationships with my family, co-workers and community improved, and I have grown from what I learned and from the skills I acquired.”

The cost of the program is $1,195 per ABC member and $1,695 per non-member. The tuition fee includes all books and materials.

The Class of 2021

Congratulations to the most recent ABC Maine Young Professionals Program class:

  • Galen Casey – Blane Casey Building Contractor
  • Rodney Collard – Aero Heating & Ventilating
  • Patrick DeNuccio – Gilman Electric-CED
  • Travis Drapeau – Gilman Electric-CED
  • Cody Dube – Langford & Low
  • Conrad Gilman – Industrial Roofing & Siding Co.
  • Chad Guptill – Coutts Bros.
  • Shawn Kelley – Coutts Bros.
  • Craig Mortensen – Ducas Construction
  • Zac Poirier – Bowman Constructors
  • Tom Saxby – Clark Insurance
  • Stephanie Vannah – R.J. Grondin & Sons
  • Scott Walker – Clark Insurance
  • Daniel Weber – Zachau Construction
  • Bob Young – Bowman Constructors
  • Scott Young – ABM Mechanical
  • Charlie Zachau – Zachau Construction

If you need another reason to join, consider what Cody Dube, safety coordinator at Langford & Low, has to say.

“The 2020-2021 YPP was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals in the local construction community. We had a great time getting together, networking and ultimately growing in areas that tended to be weaknesses for me. It is always great catching up with some of the classmates at local events!”

The deadline to join the YP Class of 2022 is November 19, 2021. Apply today—we look forward to building our futures together!