Creating Channels for Advocacy and Building New Leaders

When Bob Shaw opened the doors of Lewiston-based insurance provider Skillings Shaw & Associates in November of 1994, one of his first moves as a business owner was to join the Associated Builders and Contractors of Maine.

That was 26 years ago—and it’s a decision Shaw says he’s never regretted. This November, his and eight other companies are celebrating their anniversaries as members of ABC Maine.

Shaw saw then—and continues to see—that ABC Maine is an important lobbying group for the Maine construction community and wanted his agency to be a part of it. Membership for him, he says, is an important way to not only support the local construction industry by offering surety services and fidelity bonding to a wide variety of contractor types and sizes—it also offers a means to participate in related legislation and other initiatives that impact contractors.

Skillings Shaw & Associates
Skillings & Shaw Associates Team | Front: Joline Binette, Heidi Rodzen, Jessica Hughes, Bob Shaw, Trina Elsman, Stacey Anderson, Nancy Castonguay | Back : Sam Goulet, Ben Shaw

“It’s hard to overstate the impact ABC Maine has on the construction scene in Maine and its related industries,” Shaw says. “To see firsthand how certain legislation, for example, affects contractors’ businesses—and then be able to discuss the ramifications—brings about an awareness of the hard work, integrity and grit of our customers we would not otherwise have known.”

Being involved with ABC Maine, Shaw adds, further provides a frame of reference that enables his company to advocate for its customers by better understanding their work. That, he says, enhances relationships with both his clients and surety markets.

“To me, the biggest benefit of joining ABC Maine is being plugged into an active industry network,” Shaw says. “This is especially important in Maine, where the construction community is small and inextricably linked to each other, local and state governments, and public and private owners. Being able to meet and discuss current events with others is truly one of its greatest benefits.”

Major Milestone

Like Skillings Shaw & Associates, many Maine construction companies—179 to be exact—are seeing the benefits of ABC Maine’s resources and advocacy.

Our aim is to help each business do their best with the latest resources to help grow Maine’s construction industry. That means a lot to merit shop construction firms. Builders and contractors throughout the state are reaping the benefits of an ABC membership. From unique networking opportunities to gaining access to the latest construction industry information (such as workplace safety and business development), it is having a positive impact.

ABC Maine also offers additional programs for our membership, including ways to win work and be profitable, political advocacy, discount programs and events, like our upcoming Annual Holiday Meeting and dinner party!

While we’re always looking to add more members, we are also honored to recognize the long-standing commitment of the nine companies celebrating membership anniversaries this month:

  • Skillings Shaw & Associates – 26
  • Bancroft Contracting Corporation – 20
  • Pine Tree Waste Inc. – 20
  • On Target Utility Services – 17
  • Maine Drilling & Blasting Inc. – 17
  • EnviroVantage Inc. – 11
  • IAT Surety Group – 8
  • Hascall & Hall – 2
  • Milton Rents Inc. – 1

Don’t Forget to Sign Up!

To keep pace with evolving business trends and develop new industry leaders, don’t forget to register your candidate for the 2nd Annual ABC Young Professionals Program for 2021-2022.

ABC Maine Young Professionals

The program’s mission is to shape the future of Maine’s construction industry by supporting the growth of young professionals employed by ABC Maine’s member companies. Designed to develop future business managers under the age of 40, the course is limited to 20 people and runs from December 1 through April 13. The deadline to apply is November 19, 2021!

Course topics include:

  • An assessment of personality traits.
  • Understanding financial statements.
  • Mastering communication and conflict resolution.
  • Discussions of the politics and legislation affecting businesses.
  • Relationship building and mentoring.
  • Advocating for your team.
  • A return-on-investment presentation.

A perk of an ABC Maine membership is $500 off the regular enrollment rate. Cost of the course is $1,195 for ABC Maine members and $1,695 for non-members. Classes will be held in person, or via Zoom, following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

To learn more about the ABC Maine Young Professionals Program or to inquire about our regular membership, contact ABC Maine’s Membership Director Tami Staples at (207) 620-6561, or email her at To download the 2021 Young Professionals Program registration application, click here.