Networking, Advocacy and Merit Shop Support Makes Membership Meaningful

John Ferland remembers it like it was yesterday. Hahnel Bros. Co.—a roofing and architectural sheet metal company in Lewiston and Bangor—was in its 66th year of operation and was looking to expand throughout Maine.

At the same time, two men were trying to start a Maine chapter of the National Associated Builders and Contractors group. Ferland says it was the organization’s merits—and its merit shop free enterprise philosophy—that convinced Hahnel Bros. Co. to join ABC Maine soon after it was founded in 1982. And they’ve been part of the organization ever since.

Hahnel Bros. Co.
Bryan Cassidy, Hahnel Bros. Co. Safety Director & John Ferland, VP & General Manager, accepting the 2021 “Champions of Safety” STEP Achievement

Ferland, the 105-year-old company’s vice president and general manager, says Hahnel Bros. Co. has reaped so many benefits throughout its 39-year membership in ABC Maine.

“From working with fellow member companies and staff to the networking events, political advocacy, training and business development opportunities, joining ABC Maine nearly 40 years ago has been one of Hahnel Bros. Co.’s best business decisions,” Ferland says.

We think the same can be said of the other 17 companies who joined ABC Maine in 2021


For Hahnel Bros. Co., membership with ABC Maine has been essential to meeting customers and vendors and building on those relationships. Likewise, our political advocacy has prevented burdensome regulations from stifling the company’s organic growth—but it’s not the only benefit. With 182 member organizations, companies like Hahnel Bros. Co. and people like Ferland can tout the benefits of being part of ABC Maine. Ferland says he would tell anyone thinking about joining ABC Maine about the benefits of membership and how it has helped Hahnel Bros. Co. for the past 39 years.

According to Ferland, the three most valued ABC Maine benefits to his company are our networking events, safety and education, and our merit shop advocacy.

“The combination of these benefits has allowed Hahnel Bros. Co. to grow its business, maintain a high level of safety consciousness and keep pace with industry trends, protocols and regulations,” Ferland says.

We’re proud to know that ABC Maine has had this kind of impact on a company that started doing business when Woodrow Wilson was president.

In addition to the benefits Ferland and so many others appreciate, ABC Maine offers an apprenticeship program that includes classroom and on-the-job training. We also offer workforce and business development, discount programs, continuing education, social media exposure and more. We are also the voice of the merit shop, and it’s our responsibility to ensure your voice is heard.


As the calendar turns to 2022, we’ve seen our membership grow to 184 companies. We’re happy for our new members and are honored to recognize the commitment and loyalty of the 18 companies celebrating membership anniversaries this month:

  • Hahnel Bros. Co. – 39
  • W.D. Matthews Machinery Company – 33
  • E.J. Prescott – 20
  • AAA Energy Service Co. – 18
  • Gorham Sand & Gravel Inc. – 16
  • Pape Chevrolet Inc. – 16
  • Eaton Peabody – 15
  • Comprehensive Land Technologies Inc. – 13
  • Warren Mechanical – 12
  • S.W. Cole Engineering Inc. – 10
  • Hancock Lumber – 6
  • Langford & Low – 5
  • Graybar Electric Co. Inc. – 4
  • Sunbelt Rentals Incorporated – 3
  • Skelton Taintor & Abbott – 2
  • M.W. Hoss Construction – 1
  • MaineWorks LLC – 1
  • Turner Construction Co. – 1


To learn more about ABC Maine membership, contact ABC Maine’s Membership Director Tami Staples at (207) 620-6561, or email her at

Everyone at ABC Maine wishes you a happy and healthy new year!