ABC Maine Membership Helps Spark Electrical Company’s Success

Since its founding in 1967, DeBlois Electric has grown to be one of Maine’s leading electrical contractors. It’s worked on notable projects like the Veterans Community Center in Portland and a residential complex for Bates College in Lewiston. All the while, the company has relied on the benefits of ABC Maine membership to support its growth.

When Mitch DeBlois joined his father’s electrical contracting firm in 1988, he was looking to develop a quality safety program and to make connections throughout Maine’s construction industry. It led him to ABC Maine, and the company hasn’t looked back.

“Our team of 65 is proud to build lasting relationships with each other, our clients and across the state,” says Mitch, the company’s president. “ABC Maine is a big part of our success.”

DeBlois Electric joined ABC Maine in March 1990 and, for the past 32 years, the company has enjoyed the camaraderie of the ABC Maine members and says membership has led to relationships and connections with other contractors in similar work environments.


Mitch says he and his leadership team enjoy participating in an electrical industry peer group through the national ABC organization. They particularly like discussing best practices with like-minded companies, he says. Without membership in ABC Maine, Mitch and his team would not have access to the national organization’s network and resources.

ABC Maine has been instrumental in assisting DeBlois’ workforce development efforts, Mitch says. It’s helped DeBlois Electric establish its in-house electrical apprentice program, and the company participates in ABC’s Young Professionals program, too. More than half of DeBlois Electric’s employees have benefited from ABC Maine’s workforce development programs.

Through active participation in the national and local ABC organizations, Mitch says DeBlois Electric’s leaders were forced to recognize the larger construction industry landscape in Maine and in the U.S. Actively participating in committees and attending national conferences and events has opened opportunities and resources to grow the DeBlois Electric business.

“Rather than being solely focused on the day-to-day aspects of our business, we have learned to watch the political climate and be proactive defending the rights of the merit shop,” Mitch says.


With 182 member organizations, companies like DeBlois Electric and people like Mitch can tout the benefits of being part of ABC Maine. Those include the STEP safety program and political action.

“The staff and committee members are great resources to support you in government affairs, workforce development, safety and more,” Mitch says. “Everyone is working together to advocate for the merit shop philosophy.”

We’re proud to know that ABC Maine has had this kind of impact on a company that started doing business when Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain were doing battle on the basketball court and when Rolling Stone magazine was publishing its first issues.

In addition to the benefits Mitch and so many others appreciate, ABC Maine offers an apprenticeship program that includes classroom and on-the-job training. It also offers workforce and business development, discount programs, continuing education, social media exposure and more.


The winter is finally behind us, the days are getting longer, and the summer is fast approaching. As we get back outside, we’re looking forward to upcoming member events. Here are the 23 companies celebrating membership anniversaries this month:

  • DeBlois Electric Inc. – 32 years
  • Seabee Electric Inc. – 25
  • B.H. Milliken – 23
  • AirTemp Inc./Comfort Systems USA – 21
  • Cross Insurance – 20
  • Powers Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. – 19
  • Bangor Savings Bank – 18
  • BBSC CPAS – 14
  • J&M Flooring Inc. – 13
  • Maine Fire Protection Systems – 12
  • Interstate Electrical Services Corporation – 11
  • Storey Bros. Excavation – 11
  • Landry & Sons Acoustics Inc. – 10
  • Sherwin-Williams Inc. – 9
  • US Ecology – 8
  • Don’s Electric – 7
  • American Concrete Inc. – 6
  • Metro Walls LLC – 5
  • ConvenientMD Urgent Care – 4
  • Floor Systems Inc. – 3
  • MB Mechanical Contractors Inc. – 2
  • Phoenix Firestop – 2
  • NEFCO Inc. – 2


To learn more about ABC Maine membership, contact ABC Maine’s Membership Director Tami Staples at (207) 620-6561, or email her at