ABC Maine Solves Problems and Advocates for Members

More than two decades ago, Mark Pollard, president of Mark Pollard Electrical Inc., ran into some union issues. A colleague suggested he contact ABC Maine, and what happened next changed the course of his electrical company.

“An ABC director at the time, Bill Bennett of Pine Tree Waste, visited me and offered me guidance about my situation,” says Pollard.

Following the conversation, Pollard became an ABC member.

Based in Gray, Maine, and in business since 1990, Mark Pollard Electrical is a full-service electrical contractor specializing in automation and programming.

Mark Pollard Electrical Inc.

A Seat at the Table

Since its inception, ABC Maine has helped members to develop employees, win work and deliver that work safely, ethically and profitably.

Pollard says ABC Maine’s political advocacy for small contractors and the construction industry in Maine and nationally is one of the biggest benefits to being a member in the organization.

“The merit shop voice alone is worth the money,” he says. “I don’t have time to sit in Augusta all day testifying in front of the legislature, but I know my beliefs are being related through ABC Maine.”

In addition to what advantages ABC Maine’s political advocacy brings to Pollard’s company, the organization also helped him learn more about how politics impacts his business. That helps him inform his employees about how legislation impacts the company’s bottom line.

Even if something doesn’t change or the outcome isn’t what Pollard wanted, sitting back and not acting isn’t an option. “Our legislators are a phone call or email away, and it is very easy to state our case using the ABC Action app,” he says. “Easy and effective is what we’re all about.”

Membership Has Its Privileges

For the past 25 years, Mark Pollard Electrical Inc. has relied on the benefits of ABC Maine, including its many yearly networking events.

“As expected, as an electrical contractor, we get very busy, but ABC Maine always finds a way to get members together to discuss important matters related to the construction industry,” Pollard says. “The networking opportunities have been great for our company.”

ABC Maine member and former Chair Brad Stout of Coutts Bros (L), and ABC Virginia member Bria Pollard of McRt Mid-Atlantic Construction (R), join Mark Pollard at a reception held in Washington DC for Legislative Conference.

In addition to the regular benefits Mark Pollard Electrical Inc. and so many others appreciate, ABC Maine offers members an apprenticeship program that includes classroom and on-the-job training. It also offers workforce and business development, discount programs, continuing education, social media exposure and more.

After more than 25 years of involvement with ABC Maine, Pollard says he cherishes and appreciates the relationships most.

“On a personal level, I’ve met some other ABC members who I’ve become friends with,” Pollard says. “These are great people and great friends.”

The eight companies celebrating membership anniversaries this month, are:

  • Mark Pollard Electrical Inc. – 25 years
  • R.J. Grondin & Sons – 24 years
  • Maine Commercial Tire Co. – 19 years
  • United Rentals Inc. – 16 years
  • Carmel Electric – 9 years
  • LMC Light Iron Inc. – 8 years
  • Preti Flaherty – 3 years
  • Crum & Forster – 2 years


To learn more about ABC Maine membership, contact ABC Maine’s Membership Director Tami Staples at (207) 620-6561, or email her at