The work of the Association is accomplished through the standing committees of ABC. The Association monitors a wide range of issues, related to the industry, the region, and the association. Involvement in a committee is the best way to get involved in ABC and to learn more about the issues that are important to its members.

Board of Directors

ABC’s Board of Directors consists of up to 16 elected members (including appointed officers). The Board is responsible for all aspects of the association, including but not limited to: finances, vision, and goals.

Chairman: Dan Coffey, CIANBRO
Staff Liaison: Hope Pollard

Member Services, Recruitment and Retention Committee

The Member Services, Recruitment and Retention Committee provides insight and recommendations on timely industry issues for presentations at ABC Maine’s membership meetings and events. Responsibilities include:

  • Plan and help execute ABC Maine’s annual program to promote the Merit Shop philosophy, build chapter visibility, provide business opportunities for members and attract new members to the association.
  • Develop plans to recruit new members and executing ABC Maine’s annual retention and recruitment campaigns.
  • Assist ABC Maine staff in retaining new members and developing programs for new member involvement and satisfaction.

Board Liaison: Matt Greenleaf, Clark Insurance
Staff Liaison: Hope Pollard

Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee

The Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee is responsible for evaluating proposed legislation and agency regulations to determine what impact they may have on members and the construction industry as a whole. The committee works to educate members about new laws and regulations to ensure ABC Maine members are consistently in compliance. Members of ABC Maine’s Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee act as ABC Maine’s voice at the Legislature to ensure that ABC is recognized as the leading resource for construction workplace issues.

Board Liaison: Debra Plowman, PDQ Door
Staff Liaison: Hope Pollard

Environmental, Health, Safety and Workforce Development Committee (EHS/WD)

EHS/WD Committee works to promote and advocate for a safe and healthy workplace where everyone goes home with their health to their loved ones. The committee supports our members as good stewards of the environment; promotes careers in construction while enhancing the image of the industry; delivers rigorous and relevant educational programs supporting our members in their effort to win and put work in place, safely, efficiently and under budget; and fosters and maintains meaningful relationships with industry and educational partners.

Board Liaison: Nate Boutin, Graybar
Staff Liaison: Shari Johnston

ABC PAC Trustees

The purpose of the Maine Chapter’s ABC PAC is to promote and support pro-business, free enterprise candidates running for state-level office. ABC PAC accomplishes this by educating ABC Maine members on the importance of political activism and encouraging members to contribute to our Political Action Committee – ABCPAC.

Staff Liaison: Hope Pollard

Get Involved

If you’re interested in joining an ABC Maine committee, contact